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OEM Dealership Service Departments: Are They Worth It?

August Garage vs. OEM

Let’s talk about OEM dealership service departments.
You know, your typical service center at your local BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, etc dealership.
Are they really worth bringing your vehicle to for non-warranty related work or repairs?

You may think that since OEM service departments specialize in their own particular brands, they will be the best option for you but that’s not always the case!

Many of our customers prefer us over OEM dealership service departments for a number of different reasons which we will discuss in this article!

A Cost Comparison

First and foremost, we know how important saving money is and that’s why more often than not, we help you save a lot of money on non-warranty repairs and maintenance compared to OEM dealers!

Additionally, parts and labour are covered with a 2 year warranty!

For those looking for upgrades we also have access to a much larger variety of aftermarket parts and accessories than your typical OEM parts department.

Knowledgeable Technicians

The combined knowledge and experience amongst our technicians and rest of our team is incredibly vast which means that we have the capability and know how to work on just about any type of vehicle in the world!

This experience doesn’t just translate to repairs and maintenance but also knowledge and recommendations regarding the world of aftermarket parts, vehicle upgrades, and modifications.

An Unmatched Experience

Last but not least, many OEM service departments tend to have a stigma for being unpleasant to deal with – and it has always been our top priority to offer our customers a positive experience on every visit.

Still wondering if we’re the right place for your vehicle?

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