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McLaren 720S Unobtainium Titanium Exhaust Upgrade

Mclaren 720S Unobtainium Exhaust Upgrade By August Garage

McLaren 720S with Unobtainum Titanium Exhaust Upgrade

The 720S is an incredibly capable supercar straight from the factory but sometimes that’s just not enough! Many have claimed that the stock exhaust just doesn’t sound aggressive enough and as such there have been many companies that have created aftermarket exhaust systems to solve this problem.

After discussing various exhaust upgrade options with the client, we decided to go with an Unobtainium Titanium X-Pipe system. The entire exhaust system weighs just 8.7 lbs and adds substantial performance gains.

Unobtainium is known for manufacturing incredible exhaust systems. Not only do they provide amazing sound and performance but they also look like absolutely beautiful works of art! We just finished installing this particular setup which improves sound without being obnoxiously loud.

In addition to the exhaust upgrade, we also installed Weistec VTA adapters as a bolt on solution to attain the “blow off” sound many people love on turbocharged vehicles.

These Mclarens come from factory with electronically actuated bypass valves integrated into the turbochargers that recirculate back into the compressor inlet for near silent operation.

The use of VTA adapters changes that!

Take A Listen Below!


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