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Choosing the Right Auto Service and Repair Shop in Kelowna

Choosing the right auto service and car repair facility in Kelowna, BC

Have you struggled to find the right place for automotive service, repair, and customization in Kelowna?

Vehicle ownership can be a stressful process at times… you’ve put in the time and research to choose which vehicle to purchase but now it’s time for routine maintenance – or worse – an unexpected repair is required.
While we can’t make your vehicle invincible to the inevitable, we do hope that we can take some of the stress out of the situation should it arise.

August Garage is August Motorcars’ dedicated service facility with the goal to set a new standard for auto service, car repair, and vehicle customization facility in Kelowna, BC.
We want to help you make the right choice in choosing where to take your vehicle.

Know What To Look For

Is your vehicle still under warranty? Do you require a specialized facility for a particular brand of vehicle? Maybe you can even fix the problem yourself? These questions may seem daunting for some – and we are always happen to do our best to explain any questions you may have over a brief phone call. The type of facility you will be required to visit could depend on the type of service your vehicle needs.
From simple routine oil changes to engine-out services – not all shops are equipped to handle every job.

Not every vehicle is created equal.
It’s no surprise that all vehicles are different and as such there are many automotive technicians and service facilities out there that will specialize in one or a few different brands of vehicles.
This helps the shop and their technicians focus on what they know best.

Not every service shop is created equal.
The problem with many automotive service facilities is that they hate to turn away any business.
Why might this be a problem?
The potential issue with this is that this could result in sub-par service quality for your vehicle if the technicians are not properly trained or experienced with your particular vehicle or if the facility does not have the proper equipment to correctly perform the required service and repairs.
This can often lead to shortcuts, improper servicing and repairs, or worse.

Vehicle Knowledge and Equipment

How experienced are the technicians at a particular shop?
Do they need to google how to repair your vehicle or have they done the same procedure countless times before?

Experienced technicians make the difference.
We love apprentices – don’t get us wrong – but an apprentice is only as good as the training they receive.
The experience of journeyman technicians sets a standard for the entire shop as well as the shaping of any apprentices into future all-stars.

Experience does not always equal knowledge.
Any technician will say they are experienced – but experienced in what?
Brand… model… gasoline/diesel/EV.. car or truck… there are so many variables that can make a huge difference in how much experience actually translates to knowledge and being able to properly work on a particular type of vehicle.
What’s the history of the technicians – their automotive background and education?
We encourage you to ask specific questions about what type of vehicles the technicians at a service facility are actually knowledgable in.

Proper equipment equals proper service.
Many different vehicles these days require specialized equipment to properly perform servicing and repairs.
Again – not having the proper equipment can often lead to shortcuts, incorrect repairs, and of course not being able to perform the service or repair at all.
For many people, their vehicle is their pride and joy. Ensure the facility you choose is properly equipped to treat it right.

Experience is Key

And we’re not just talking about the technicians’ automotive experience.
It’s no secret that many service facilities get a bad rap for being sleazy and dishonest.

Trust is everything.
The reason many people have trouble trusting automotive repair shops is because so many individuals find themselves vulnerable to being taken advantage of in part due to their lack of automotive knowledge.
It is fully understandable that people often question if they really need that repair done or if they are being taken for a fool.
No one wants to feel stupid.

Expenses can add up quickly – and it’s a known fact that some sleazy shops may even encourage customers to perform additional costly repairs that are unnecessary strictly for the purposes of profit.

Reputation is everything.
Do some research – consider if people have had negative experiences from a particular shop before.
Reputation is more than just reviews and word of mouth, it’s easy to show-off the good experiences and hide the bad.
Does the shop have a high turnover rate for employees? This could be a sign of a negative or unreliable work environment.

One negative experience can be be the deciding factor on if you are going to trust a particular facility again.
Should a negative situation arise, pay attention to how the shop chooses to address it and if they attempt to resolve the problem.

Setting a New Standard for Auto Service in Kelowna

We hope that this article was informative in helping you choose the right auto service, car repair, or vehicle customization shop in Kelowna or wherever you may live.
Why would we write this article you may ask? We strongly believe in building trust and maintaining our reputation.
We’re not writing this to convince you to bring your vehicle to the August Garage, but it would be our pleasure if you do.

Our team consists of the most experienced technicians and advisors in the industry.
We have an incredibly diverse set of skills for all makes and models and types of vehicles at our disposal.
The right team makes all the difference.


If you have any questions about if we are the right choice for automotive service for you, we would love to chat!
We are always happy to explain potential vehicle repairs or address any concerns you may have.

Give the August Garage a call at (250) 860-0444,
or visit us at 884 McCurdy Place in Kelowna, BC!


Choosing the right auto service, car repair, or vehicle customization shop in Kelowna, BC


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