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Case Study: Getting A Second Opinion

Trust is everything.

Here’s a little story worth reading before choosing where to take your vehicle for servicing or repair!

The owner of this Ram 3500 brought his truck to us complaining of rough idle and loss of power.

Before seeing us, he was told by another shop that the truck needed a new engine. There was no compression test performed.

With something as serious as a complete engine replacement, we agreed it was smart to get a second opinion which we were happy to give.

Upon doing a compression test on this 5.9L diesel, we found cylinder 6 to have low compression.

The engine was removed and disassembled upon which we found a broken piston ring as the cause of the problem.

All piston rings were replaced, the cylinders were honed to ensure the cylinder walls are able to retain oil and provide lubrication for the piston rings.

Reassembly is now in progress and this Ram truck will once again drive as new!

Moral of the story – trust and experience is everything and this shows the importance of taking your car or truck to a trustworthy and reputable shop for service and repairs.

Redefining experience.

At the August Garage, our goal is to change the negative stigma that repair shops commonly have by making complete transparency a priority for everything we do.

We aim to build lasting relationships not only through honesty but also quality of service, vast automotive knowledge, and consistency in what we offer.

Learn more about the many services we offer we offer for all makes and models of cars and trucks as well as the extensive variety of aftermarket products available at our Kelowna facility!

Our team is always more than happy to chat 🙂

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